The Lightening Theif

@ljbinkop (744)
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August 20, 2009 8:01pm CST
I was in the movie theater the other day and sw a preview for the upcomming movie "The Lightening Thief". I was interested immediately! It looked really good, and fantasy is my thing. Being more of a reader than a watcher, by nature, I went out and got the book, which as it turns out is the first in a series of three books. The books are in the Young Reader's section, by the way, bu I never let that deter me. Just look at Harry Potter for an example of good books for all ages. All of that series is considered Juevenile, too. (What does that say about the millions and millions of people who read that series?) I really liked this book, and I was going to go out and buy the second and thord, but I was wondering if any of you mylotters out there have read this series? Is it worth continuing on? Have you ever heard of them? All opinions are welcome, and have a great night!
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@AmbiePam (57397)
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21 Aug 09
I had never heard of The Lightning Thief until I read your discussion just now. So I looked it up on Wikipedia. It has a great premise. Because the books are not as well known as the Harry Potter books, it will never reach that kind of fame. But certainly it can be made into a hit! I see on the Wikipedia page Miramax had bought the book to develop into a movie. I think it would be a captivating movie. Thank you for alerting us to these books.