Riding Bikes

United States
August 21, 2009 8:30am CST
Who all here enjoys riding bikes? I've always loved it even though there have been long periods of time I haven't ridden mine (why is a different story). I have recently started trying to get back to riding my bike but this week I haven't had much of a chance (kind of sprained my ankle earlier this week and now it has been raining a lot in the past two days). I'd like to be able to replace my car with my bike, within reason of course. Sometimes a bike just isn't efficient or whatever the right word is. But when possible, I would love to do that some day but unfortunately I just don't see that happening any time soon. I first bought my bike back in 2004. And the longest distance I've ridden so far isn't that long for most people (but for me I think it's okay lol) is 1.40 miles round trip. What about you all? Anyone else love biking? Do you ever bike instead of driving? Any interesting/funny stories?
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21 Aug 09
Well there was the time I fell into a stinging nettle bush, the time I wanted to ride into town but I was too scared to ride downhill lol... yeah I have quite a few stories. But I use public transport so I won't be replacing my car with my bike. I actually havn't ridden it in ages for the same reasons as you (I think). I would like to own a motorbike though, then you can zoom past so quick no one will know who it is haha. Well I hope your ankle is ok...
• United States
21 Aug 09
Hills are one thing that I don't reallyh have to worry about where I live. Where I live the land is pretty flat. That would be a nice advantage with motorbikes in many cases I think though lol. And my ankle still hurts just a little but it's a lot better than it felt at the beginning of the week.
21 Aug 09
Ah, well where I live is known as the "Chiltern hills" so yeah, it is pretty hilly lol. Most towns are placed in valleys. I am glad your ankle is nearly better, what did you do to it?