What is your child's favorite subject in school?

@realan (520)
United States
August 21, 2009 10:10am CST
My 9 year old daughter's favorite subject is science. She is fascinated with space, the planets, black holes etc... She loves experiments and enjoys learning about geography, minerals, animals and all science related things.
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@kmaram (2534)
• Philippines
21 Aug 09
Hi there, well i dont know if i have the right to answer here . My daughter was less than 2 years old and still doesnt attend school. But i am excited already seeing her going to school. Well i am excited to know what would be her favorite subject in school, keep on mylotting
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@realan (520)
• United States
1 Sep 09
It is interesting to see where our children will excel. Soon enough your daughter will be going to school. Mine is 9 years old already! It went so fast! Thanks for your post!
• Japan
21 Aug 09
I have four kids. Oldest is in High School, he says that his favorite subject is social studies, I know he hates chemistry at the moment. He has tests soon and spent the best part of last week revising for chemistry. Second son is in Junior High, he likes to stay home!! But he has to go, he also loves science, more physical science than biology, 3rd son is a 6th grader and is doing well in math but loves history. My youngest has just started school and so far likes everything. I would have to say that her favorite at the moment is art. Not only at school but at home she will sit and draw for hours. The interesting thing with my kids is that non of them like my favorite subject....which was geography.