what do u think that will happen after death?

August 21, 2009 10:37am CST
All the Prophets of God called their people to worship God and to believe in life after death.the period between these Prophets was thousands of years but they had the same knowladge of the life after death meaning that the source was the same -God.i believe that the present life is a trial in preparation for the next life.
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• India
21 Aug 09
If you are from semetic religions, you will have to wait for the judgement day and then your god will decide who will go to heaven and who will go to hell for eternity. If you are from eastern religions, the law of karma takes charge. according to hindus the karmic effects have to be washed away completely before one merges fully into the supreme soul. till then the soul takes re-birth. Some people say it is reincarnation. No. Reincarnation is not the right word. Re-birth is the right one. to get rid of karmic effects, one has to be born in the earth and its here one has to completely get rid of those karmic effects. once that is done, the soul has no obligaitons on the earth. it does not return back for another birth. For Hindus there is no concept of heaven or hell. Anthing has to happen, that will happen in this earth.
• India
21 Aug 09
Well if you are a Christian, you either go to heaven or hell depending on your good or bad deeds. If you are a Hindu you are reincarniated, depending upon your karma. I do not have much idea about what Islam says about this. Conclussion, you believe what your religion teaches you.
@sugarlen (138)
• Philippines
27 Aug 09
I also believe in what you said. Let's live and keep on glorifying the Lord.
@bestboy19 (5481)
• United States
24 Aug 09
Doesn't the Bible say, "It's appointed a man once to die and then the judgment"?
@Margajoe (4718)
• Germany
21 Aug 09
Yes I think you can look at it that way too. I think we are here to learn. A trial in preparation for the next life would be the same idea. Personally I think life goes on. Reincarnation until you have learned enough to go on to "Heaven", Or somewhere beautiful. I am reading a book on reincarnation. People who have been put under hypnoses. Very interesting. Life does seem to have no end.