What makes you feel truly happy?

United States
August 21, 2009 8:10pm CST
I feel that I have yet to find true happiness in life. To me, happiness means being able to fully enjoy life without allowing any problems to interfere with the natural flow of life. However, I always seem to become overrun with financial problems, relationship problems, failures etc. What do you use to define true happiness and do you feel that you have reached this idealistic podium yet?
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• Philippines
22 Aug 09
The simplest things make me happy. A simple chat with a friend. Good food. An inspirational book. A smile from the person I love, a really good movie. Sunsets. A phone call. A hug from my mom or my brother. A kind word. I believe that the simplest things in life are the ones that give us most joy.
@kym123 (8)
• China
22 Aug 09
its hard to say whether you are happy or not. it mainly depends on your own. life is surly full of challenges and troubles. the attitude towards it is very important. from my point of view, happiness may be simple. when i overcome a problem, make a new friend or even make a phone call with my best friend, i am very happy. though sometimes i will be sad or depressed because of some problems, i will tell myself do not make things even worse. just think of their good sides. take everything easy, you'll find a better day. have a nice day!
@indahfth (11170)
• Indonesia
22 Aug 09
happiness is actually very difficult to obtain. every happiness there is definitely a problem that follows. I also feel, I have not found true happiness.