Regretting to let a loyal friend gone

United States
August 21, 2009 10:54pm CST
Once I have a loyal friend, who always be on my side, no matter how difficult, and stressful I was. He will be there if I need him. Because I had new friends, and who those people seems cool at the time; I hung out with them more, and disregard this good friend of mine. Somehow, He tried to give me a good advise, but I just felt that he nagging around my ears too much, and said something not nice to him. Gradually, he called me less and less, and I didn't even care. Because I thought I have some cool friends around me already. From time goes by, I just realized those so - called "cool friends" of mine, not really friend of mine at all. And once this loyal friend, he seems disappear, not around me anymore. I did make a huge mistake, and I am truly regretting here.
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@danitykane (3191)
• Philippines
6 Sep 09
There are loyal friends that may come in our life, it is just so sad that we only realized their truthfulness and importance when they are not with our side anymore. Whatever maybe the reason why you lost your friend is not important anymore, what important is there are ways to have him back. Search for him and apologize for what have caused your broken frienship with him. Besides, a true and loyal friend will understand you no matter how hard the situation is. :)
@thea09 (18316)
• Greece
30 Aug 09
clorissa my dear you've truly shocked me just now, I've never heard you speak in this way before and it really isn't nice talk for a young lady like you, i hope you haven't had a glass of sherry to make you speak this way. You say your good friend nagged you, you really should use more ladylike words my dear as it makes you sound rather shrewish when you speak like this. Please give some thought Clorissa to being just a little bit more ladylike with your words now.
@jeiay41 (675)
• United States
22 Aug 09
I also lost lots of friends but not just friends, they are my best friends in those different certain times. I don't remember anymore why I drop them of one at a time but after what happen in the past i truly want them to see again and create those happy moments back to life. Im a little bit upset to myself to what im dne but it happened already and all we can do is to forget the past and move to your present times. Im hoping to get in touch again to my old friends and one day good time will comeback.