What Is The Most Fun You've Ever Had While Shopping?

August 22, 2009 12:04am CST
My husband and I live in a very small apartment, and the bedroom is only big enough for a single bed which I sleep in, and he has the couch in the living room. We have decided to ditch the old couch, and buy a fouton, so we can both sleep in the living room rogether. There is a place just up the street from us that sells foutons, so today we headed up there to check 'em out. We'll be married 2 years on September 6th, but we still act like newleyweds. So in we went to a show-room full of couches and matresses. LOL We sure had fun making out on the various couches and matresses, trying to choose which one we wanted to buy. *grin* Hey, stick a couple of newleyweds in a matress/couch store, and what do you expect? haha So we've pretty much decided what to get, now we just need the money. So, what was the most fun you've ever had while shopping?
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29 Aug 09
So you are the guys on You Tube! Just kidding, I guess you win the prize for smooching on a potential piece of furniture. I know that when my wife and I were shopping for a bed we bought this huge one that had a step stool and four posts on it. My mom was with us and asked if my wife would be able to get into the bed if she was pregnant, that kinda shocked me, we did make two babies in that bed now that I think of it. :)
@carpenter5 (6786)
• United States
25 Aug 09
I think it was about the day we found out my oldest daughter was going to be a girl! My husband was so cute. He already had her middle named picked out. We went to kmart and he immediately headed to the little girl stuff. Determined to be the first one to buy me a "girl" outfit. He took over an hour to decide which one to get. It was a sweet little pink dress that both of my girls wore home from the hospital.
@mermaidivy (15404)
• United States
24 Aug 09
What the most fun that I have ever had while shopping? I think when I have money to shop; when I have my sister's company; when I can find something nice and find some nice deals are the most fun part! hehe shopping is just a veyr fun thing to me, I like it and I enjoy shopping very very much.
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24 Aug 09
you two are destroying my marriage theroies! I am so happy to hear there is still passion between you two! I can't pick just one shopping trip that was fun. All of them were fun. I can and have gone to the mall, walked around and didn'tbuy a thing and still had fun.
@horsesrule (1959)
• United States
23 Aug 09
Oh you guys just had way too much fun in that store!! LOL That's a good idea about the futon thingy. I have the most fun shopping at thrift stores. What I like the most about them is the hunt for treasure. I don't mean I really expect to find super valuable things for cheap prices though that's okay too but I mean I like finding things that are no longer sold in the stores that are just sort of cool. I LOVE looking through books at thrift stores best of all. I have a serious book addiction (and it's bad!) so I love finding books to read plus there are some books that I like to collect such as horse books. There's other things I collect too but I just have the most fun ever in a thrift store that I have never been to before.
@coffeebreak (17815)
• United States
22 Aug 09
I dont usually like shopping that much. Mostly cause I never have the money to buy anything, so why go look at what I can't have? However...Just last year - for the first time in my entire life, I actually had money in my possession that I could literally go buy anything (well, with in reason) I wanted! I went to Pennys and said to myself... pick a purse.. for its looks, not the price. So I did... I went up and down the rows and couldn't find a single purse that I liked! Apparently at that time, it was fashionable to have lots of metal on purses.. buckles and loops etc. I don't like all that on a purse as it just adds weight to the already heavy purse of contents! But they were junky looking, and just ugly. I went to find a "perfect" pair of shoes...and since I hate sandels of any kind and open toe shoes..(looks like they just ran out of leather at the end!) I couldn't find a nice pair. So I went to the kitchen department at Target and got a new toaster oven, which I needed a new one anyway...and found a really nice red one... and since I was doing my kitchen in red.. it was perfect. More than I would have spent previousely, but I wanted something stylish instead of the generic white and I had the money so I got it! Got it, loved it, went back 2 cays later, saw they were on sale for $10 less than what I paid for it 2 days ago... went to Customer Service and made mention of it and the credited my visa for the $10 so I got it for nearly what I would have paid without the money! So that was fun!