People least know about china

August 22, 2009 1:52am CST
I have been abroad for years and I found people don't know many things about china.they know how usa is and who the usa president well as some things about europe. but they never know any thing about china. let me make an investigation. do you know mao zedong and deng xiaoping?they are the most important persons in the last century of china even the world. here is a website about them:
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@gary1125 (173)
• Australia
22 Aug 09
Quite contratry, people know a lot about china, but not from the same view of people live IN China. I am from China as well, in Australia people know about China from 6.4 and the campaign of freedom of Tibet. Obvious, there would be misunderstanding..
• China
23 Aug 09
You only know the political affair?
@partha79 (74)
• India
27 Aug 09
hi jessyhlr, you bring a topic for your motherland. it is patriotic symptom. well, i have also lots of thinking for motherland. china, the superpower of the globe. china get the top position in the world economy as well international diplomacy and sports & culture also. in the last Olympic event held in your country was the most beautiful and super technical events in the olympic history. i had read about china's political system in our degree course. but now a days i have forgotten something. but i have lots of curiosity about china and i know a little. we have a similarity in our countries in the population. difference is that your govt used the population as manpower but our govt fails to do so. anyway i am ready to discuss with you about our countries but still i have to study more about your country. by the by i gladly inform you that chines food and technology is more popular in our country. i am also among them. bye, meet you again..........