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August 22, 2009 8:04am CST
hi friend.i think cellphone is good for us.it can take us conveninence.so i like cellphone.but i don't like cellphone,too.beacuse i think cellphone will take us more money.and then i don't have many money to make cellphone.do you like cellphone?and do you have cellphone and what is your opinion?can you tell me?
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@lkbooi (16093)
• Malaysia
22 Aug 09
Hi smartboy, cell phone indeed is an important device for us nowadays. We could keep contact with our loved ones and friends at anywhere and at anytime when we are away from home. We need it badly as well as if we need help or important information from the persons concerned. Since cell phone could provide us such convenience in our daily life, of course we have to pay for the on airtime service for sure. It is worth to get one as well as to pay for the monthly service charge. I always carry along with me my cell phone whenever I go out. For the sake of saving money, I always try not to chit chat with my loved ones as well as my good friends on the phone. I prefer to send text most of the time. This could save me lots of money. Here in my place texting is very much cheaper than making calls I don’t change my mobile phone often as I don’t need other advanced features and functions. I feel happy and satisfied to own an economical mobile phone with essential function that could enable me to keep contact with my loved ones. Before going to bed, I usually would turn off the phone. Firstly no one would call me at night. Moreover we have a land phone at home. Secondly doing so, the battery of it could have longer lifespan. I will never switch off the cell phone if having vacation with my friends. I'm afraid that my loved ones would call me at anytime, especially when in different time zone location. We have to take good care of it as well. Keep it nicely in our pocket or hold it safely in our hand. Don’t let it slide onto the floor easily. The cell phone would spoil fully if falling into water Happy posting and have a nice day!