The 99centptc site

@marguicha (155941)
August 22, 2009 2:49pm CST
So many times we have registered under sites that are called 1 cent, 1 dollar, and so on PTS sites with the hope of getting a dollar before the site disappears. Some of these sites are serious even if they are not all called that way. I have recieved $1 from clicksia and incentria several times and there are other sites that meet the same requisites. Now I found this new site. I am going to try it because it´s new and the cashout is little. If you are interested, I put the link in my profile, where it says "my web". I´ll have it for a week and check how it goes. I´ll be giving news of it. I´m nor promoting it, in the sense that I don´t have the least idea whether it´s a good or bad site. But sometimes I give a site a cjhance for a week and it´s worth it. Luck for everyone
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