How did you learn to iron?

@maezee (41510)
United States
August 22, 2009 3:33pm CST
..Or to re-phrase that: WHERE did you learn to iron? Was it from your mother, father, mentor, or did you learn just by experimenting with an iron and a piece of clothing? Or is there a "Ironing for Dummies" that I can buy? I do not know how to iron, and it results in me ruining clothes. I want to make my jeans, dress pants, and blouses look polished and pressed very neatly - but I end up ruining a lot of them (probably because the iron is too hot) or not ironing them quite right. Do you know of a website that would help me with this? Or a book? Or do you have any personal tips? I'd like to hear your stories as well. Do you have trouble ironing? Where did you learn to iroN?
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• Philippines
26 Aug 09
I learned it from my mother using the old fashion heavy iron with charcoals in it when i was ten years old but i only started to really do my own ironing when i was in first year high school and i just loved to hang and look at my finished work, my perfectly pressed school uniforms with pleated skirts! I learned all the basic housework from my mother. Well, she taught me well that i never thought of looking for books in search for ironing techniques (but when it comes to cooking, i am badly in need of a more advanced learning! ) I don't like wearing a badly ironed pair of slacks and maybe that's why i persist on ironing my own office uniforms (even when i am having a hard time with the black pants because of my poor eyesight) just to avoid offending anybody who might carelessly do it for me because i'll choose a wash & wear type of blouse and jeans than a double-creased slacks and sleeves! Does that make me over-reacting to a minuscule detail?
• Philippines
23 Aug 09
I learned to Iron only when i reached college few days before graduating. it's nice because i get to do it myself rather than having some one else to do it so that my clothes won't be a burden to them.