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August 22, 2009 6:30pm CST
hey guys. help me. :) i need to make a game application for our project in Visual Basic. I need your help to give me some ideas on what project should i do. :) oh, well. it's not really a game application, an application which it will attract many people when they just see it at first. oh, by the way.i'm just a novice in making a game application , or should i say i haven't done any game application since birth. i need an applicatioh which is not that hard to make it. THANKS a LOT guys. :) and welcome me back here. :)
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23 Aug 09
Even though games sound fun, if you're just starting out, games are going to be the hardest. When I took my first VB class, we had to form groups and choose a project. The kids who thought they were cool chose things like "robot simulation" and "platform video game". They ended up having to do a LOT more work than the rest of us. If you're set on doing a game, I suggest making it some sort of quiz or word game. My project was an application for a video rental store. the group that did do a game attempted to do a spin off of Pong. Epic failure.