Any one here any member of your family always drunk?

@jen14ed (865)
August 22, 2009 7:45pm CST
my father is always drunk everyday she always drink beer or red horse and etc alcohol i don't know why she always drinking alcohol. many of her friends is same always drink alcohol. i things my father favorite food is beer and alcohol... i don't know why she always drink alcohol but she is No her life to drink alcohol.... i things drinking alcohol is my hobbies of my father.. and she always drunk i don't like her attitude when she is drunk.. i really hate him when she is drunk.. when i was a young i remember my father is always drink alcohol but now 15 year later I'm not young but she is still drink alcohol.. why alcohol is invented... i hate my father because she waste her money in alcohol she spend 1000 or 1500 is alcohol everyday i really hate him... what about you do you have any member of your family always drunk or always drinking alcohol...what you do feel about that. are feel angry like me..
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