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United States
August 22, 2009 9:28pm CST
I have no plans to become pregnant in the near future, but my boyfriend and I have discussed the possibility of marriage and kids many times. As much as I feel like I would enjoy creating a family with him, I am terrified of pregnancy. If I were to rate my fears, I would put pregnancy at the very top of the list ... I fear it more than I fear death. I find the changes a woman's body goes through repulsive, and can't imagine ever feeling good about my body once those changes take place. It's not as though I feel good about my body now ... In fact, I absolutely hate being naked, even if I'm alone in my own apartment. That being said, I can't imagine that I would feel comfortable once I'd put on significant weight, stretched out, etc. I also can't imagine that my future husband would find me even remotely attractive once I became pregnant ... I certainly wouldn't feel attractive! Does anyone else share a similar fear of pregnancy, or am I just weird?
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@shinymood (406)
• China
24 Aug 09
I had the same feeling before I gave birth to my babygirl. Now that she is one and a half old, I must say I very much enjoy being a mother. She is so adorable and smart. You can never tell how fortunate I feel when she holds me and tenderly kiss me. She is simply an angel for me. Children are God-sent gifts. Some of my friends also feared the prospect of getting pregnant but they turned out fine and happy after they did. Don't worry too much. Just let nature run its natural course and you will be happy. Best wishes to you!
@tintukm (1083)
• India
23 Aug 09
Women are always concerned of their physical appearance,like their beauty,their face,nails,lips,texture of skin and all stuffs let me ask this to all women,why are they being sent to the world as women,Many women after marriage do not want children even after a long period of their marriage life,its so irritating to hear such comments,children are the gifts of GOD so why don't one gets them as quick as possible,there may be people who have jobs and don't get time for their child but its part of life and marriage all has to go fair enough .
@xParanoiax (6997)
• United States
23 Aug 09
You're not weird. I'm somewhat similiar but with some differences; I'm not really shy or unhappy with my body...I don't think I'm AWESOME, but I don't think I'm bad either...and I don't reckon my body would keep permanent appearance-changes or even permenant and negative non-visible changes either...because when you're young you bounce back really easily It's just that, as beautiful as I know the process of making life is...I find it in no way appealing to me to actually do. AT all. And, given my luck, I found one of the rare guys in a purportionate age to me that thinks being a father would be the coolest thing in the world. Mothers CAN be sexy, even the ones who do keep weight and have stretch marks -- or scars, but it depends on the man. I'd have faith in your love, in your shoes, or else I wouldn't be in a relationship at all...but yeah. I'm not afraid, but I just really don't want to do it.
@busybren (258)
• United States
23 Aug 09
I don't think this is weird at all. In fact, I might even say "I feel the exact same way" with just one minor change. I fear pregnacy for other reasons aside from my bodily change. My fear of pregnancy is more like, the life my child may have. Not because I would be a bad parent, but because of what life has to offer. The events they will need to experience, the strength they will must have to get by and the humble kindness that many will deny you in return. I'm already a bigger gal, (but I'm still a cutie! LoL) so I can't say that I will be dissappointed in the size of my tummy or the extra chin that I may get just because I love peanut butter and bananas, but because I know THIS LIFE IS HARD. I fear having to put someone else through what I may have been through. I fear them being lied to by the very peole they grew to care for. I fear the financial errors will take the best of them. I fear having disgusting cravings LoL and loving it! I guess we just have to go with the flow. I'm sure our decisions will be the path we will have to experience. Good luck to you and your boyfriend now and when you make your decisions :)