it's time to lose weight!

August 23, 2009 2:13am CST
the fat test result says i am a big fat girl.. oh my! i guess it's time to really lose some weight! C: A must follow ways to lose some weight: 1. do the "after 6 diet". after six is eating most your meal in the morning or anytime before 6pm, then after 6pm eat less so that we still have time to burn our calories taken in the morning. 2. always eat less of what you eat. eating too much will just make you lazy and not move more. 3. always put realistic goals!! 4. never eat when your not hungry. most people eat whenever they want to (including me) even if they are not hungry. it's just a matter of control! ( that's what i need to do! C:) 5. replace sodas, or other flavored drinks with water. water has no calories! and it also helps wash waste down fast. good luck to me following these ways! ^_^ .. and to everyone too who would also want to lose weight! ^_____^
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@zhuhuifen46 (3484)
• China
23 Aug 09
These are very good tips for weight control. Besides, planned physical exercises are important too. Swimming is best to consume calaries. And walking 10,000 steps at least a day is highly recommended. Of course, persistence is most important to attain good results. Good luck.