I am lucky to be here today (long)

August 23, 2009 5:52am CST
Okay that may seem a bit dramatic but that is the way I feel right now after this early mornings events. We were woken up at about 2am this morning by fireman knocking at our door it turned out that some idiot had decided that they were going to have a bonfire in the empty house next door. They had piled all the furniture, including a leather suite, up in the hall and set it alight. The fireman told us that the smoke was drifting into our loft so they needed to check it out. When they did we were told that the loft was so full of smoke that they could not even see the wall.They also told us to open all the windows wide to let the smoke out as the house was filling with smoke as well. By this time our three children were awake and wondering what was happening. Luckily enough my partner who is not a good sleeper at the best of times was actually awake when this all kicked off. The fireman did tell us that there was a possibility that we would have to evacuate the house so my partner rang his sister who came straight round to see if everything was okay. She did offer to take the children home with her but by this time we had been given the all clear and the children were drifting back off to sleep so we did not want to disrupt there sleep any more so we decided to keep them with us. Apart from watery eyes and a bit of coughing we were all fine thank goodness. My partner refused to go back asleep as he was worried about them coming back and doing it again so he sat up all night eventually going to bed at about 8am this morning when me and the children woke up. I also could not get to sleep either and we ended up sitting up watching telly till about 4.30am when I decide to throw myself on the sofa to try and have a sleep. I ended up taking a sleeping pill something I thought I would never have to do in my life as I usually have no trouble falling asleep. But I know I had to get some sleep as I needed to be awake for the children in the morning. The reason I could not sleep was that all sort of what ifs were running through my head What If they hadn't caught it in time we might have not woke up this morning?. What if someone had not called the fire bridge? My thoughts also turned to my two eldest sons in England (we are on holiday in Ireland at the moment) how would they have coped if they lost their mum and step dad having already lost one parent. The strange thing is that we were actually planning to go out Saturday night and my partner's sister was going to babysit but something made us change our minds and we didn't go in the end. I am glad we didn't as his sister is not good in a crisis and she would have probably panicked. Looking out this morning it also looks like they were trying to burn our car out as well as there is burnt rags lying on the ground at the back of the car luckily enough the petrol cap can only be opened by a switch in the inside of the car. We also think that one of our neighbours came out and shouted at them which seemed to scare them away from the car . That is the closest I have ever been to a fire and I never want to be that close again. It really makes you think about things.
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@Opal26 (17686)
• United States
24 Aug 09
Hey littleone! I am so glad that you and your family are all alright! That is all that really matters that none of you were hurt! That is a terrible thing to be awoken like that! It is very scary to have to experience fire so close! I have had similar experiences and know that it is very frightening! But, at least you were there and everyone was fine and now you can get on with your vacation! I hope that the police catch whomever was responsible for the vandalism!
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24 Aug 09
Hi Opal Thank you. It turns out that it may well of been the boy who use to live there that started it. He is know as a trouble maker. They boarded the house up today and the whole square were out thanking and cheering the workman and saying how pleased they were to see the family who use to live there gone.
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@Hatley (164216)
• Garden Grove, California
31 Aug 09
wow littleone you allwere so fortunate to be saved from being overcome by smoke.so manytimes people die from smoke inhalation rather than the fire itself. i am glad you are all okay. Getting the smoke odor out of a house or an apartment is a bear. i remember'when we lived in one apartment. the new owner decided'not to hire a plumber,bad idea,but do the repair himself .He had a blowtorch which was lit while he was inside the wall of the apartment below'us nd he was trying to solder a joint.,well he set the wall onfire, and fire was coming up the wall of our closet. so the firemen had to cut a big hole in our closet wall and pour a ton of water down to get the fire out.so it was all done but then they left two huge fans to blow out all the smoke and fumes and it took most of the day. that owner almost burned down his own apartment complex.Some of my clothes smelled like fire for days evenafter washing them. wow.
3 Sep 09
Hi Hatley Thank you I agree me and my family were very lucky that day. Some people will do anything just to save money.
@rberon1985 (5394)
• Philippines
23 Aug 09
Praise God!I am so sorry to hear this sad story from you. You should really be thankful because you were save.It only means to say that you still have a purpose and a mission in the world. Your kids still needs you. They are still very young. We should always be glad because God is there to guide us in our difficult situations. I am very proud because you and your partner is very brave to face the problem. If i will be in the situation, I might panicked. I easily create commotion when i am experiencing this kind of situation. I wish you all the safety in the near future. happy mylotting!!
24 Aug 09
Thank you someone was looking out for me and my family that night. I am very thankful things did not turn out a lot worst.