what was first kiss like?

August 23, 2009 7:36am CST
my first kiss happened when i was in grade 5 0r 6. it wasnt the type of first kiss i want to get cause it was my cousin who kissed me. well, it was just a smack on the lips but its still my first. it happened when we were having a vacation at my grandpa's house. i was lying down on the floor at the roof top and a rested my eyes for a while, but i wasn't sleeping, and my cousin thought that i was. Being so playful, he thought it was a cool thing to re-enact a scene on sleeping beauty where in the prince kissed the sleeping princess. he gave me a smack then he run down and outside the house immediately so that i can't chase and slap him on the face. but i still got the chance to slap him( hehe^_^) during dinner time. and noone knows why i did that! haha
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@Ammudoll (549)
• India
23 Aug 09
I can't say that is considered as a real kiss, we were sitting in garden very close to each other he wanted to kiss me on that evening after talking for so long we thought to get back to our homes. During that moment he just kissed on my lips and got up. I was in shock and didn't say anything. But we just laughed few minutes later. felt funny lol but my first original kiss was so memorable and can't forget it.
• Philippines
23 Aug 09
did you two end up together? mine too was memorable.. but in a more of disgusting way.. haha (it was my cousin who kissed me! haha)
23 Aug 09
Well I wont say how old I was because I was pretty old... as a teenager I missed out on a lot of things like sleepovers, parties and stuff so I never really had a chance to speak to boys in that way. The only time I saw them was at school. Anyway.. I wish it was something really romantic but it wasn't. There was a lot of chemistry between us, we had been flirting for ages and he had invited me out one evening to go around some places. We were with this two other people who were a couple so it was pretty much like a double date even though I wasn't going out with the guy at the time. But yeah, we were flirting all evening and these other two people kept telling us to get a room (in a joking way) even though we were just like being a bit over friendly lol. So when we went back to his house and these other two came with us they were sat on the sofa just making out for the rest of the evening and it was finally just me a him left alone at last. So I was sitting on his lap pretty close to him (I am quite tiny) and we were talking but really close to each others faces, so we were looking into each others eyes as we were laughing and things and then I don't know it just happened lol.
• Philippines
23 Aug 09
it doesnt matter whether how old you had your first kiss, well at least for you, you had it with the guy you like, unlike me, i had it with the guy i never really thought in a million years of kissing.. haha C:
@phayeth (519)
• Philippines
7 Sep 09
its a bit nervous but exciting
@NekoWashu (106)
• United States
27 Aug 09
My first kiss was like something out a fairy tale. I had been dating him for a while in high school. We drove to his apartment and were unloading stuff from the car. We had the trunk open blasting music when our favorite song came on. "We Danced Anyway" by Deanna Carter. It started to rain but, we danced anyway! lol Then he held my hands up to his chest and smiled down at me and said "I think we're supposed to kiss now." I laughed so hard at that big goofy guy, then gave him a kiss he'd never forget! Young love is so sweet. We only dated a little over a year I think, but we've been friends over 10 years now.
@eLsMarie (4346)
• Philippines
24 Aug 09
if i was not mistaken, i had my first kiss when i was 15 years of age... :) it was not my dream kissing scene but i felt that it was the best thing ever! :) we were both in love with each other but he's taken and i don't want him to dumped her girlfriend just because of me... :(