Dogs and cats are not mortal enemies

August 23, 2009 9:14am CST
I have 2 dogs and a cat in our house. Some said that dogs and cats can't be in the same home but i don't believe in that because my 2 dogs and my cat are like bestfriends. As in they play together,sleep together and eat together. I really like to see them that way because they make me laugh..
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• India
23 Aug 09
Your dogs and cats have no reason to fight. They are having a good life. Its a different world out on the streets. If there is not enough food for them to eat, then they are enimies. In my locality I have seen dogs hunt cats alone and in groups. They also kill the cats. However there is another locality where there are just a couple of dogs and cats and sufficient food. There the cats and dogs seem to live without fights. I have seen them sleep close to each other.
• Philippines
23 Aug 09
like you said, maybe its because they have ample food to eat..I pity those cats who where hunt by group of dogs..