What Should I do now?

United States
August 24, 2009 12:50am CST
Have you seen the movie Julie and Julia. It a Great movie. What get my attention is how Julie not only had the most boring job in the world and felt she was not an interesting person at all. She started to learn how to cook and use Julia Child recipe and blog it for everyday that she cooked a meal for 365 days. I thought it was the most fascinated thing I have ever known. I love to cook but I am picky about what to eat. I always wanted to be chef but I had food allergies to few things. I want to be an Artist and I know I will earn my BA in Art in another 3 or 2 years. I even studied to be a bartender, and no one wanted to offer me a job. I have done my long studied and still I have nothing. I sometime feel out of place you know. I do recall that even though my english was never perfect, I wrote very good romance book in my diarys rather then about what happen to me. My high school friend had love it too. So as you see, I love art, cooking, and writing.I also definetly like talking to bunch of people and meeting new one too. My Goal right now is to find a way to make money since now it is hard to get a job in the field that I have studied. I will not give up until I have a job that will support me. Plus I never dateed that many men in my life and I am still single. I will be so busy for the Fall but willing to sqeeze a small amount of time for the project if you know what I mean. Plus I know I will love to meet other who are Hard of Hearing and deaf and learn ASL all over again. I also love makeup, craft, and fashion clothes, but like to do it homemade if ever possible too. I wonder if I should start a project that will last for a year and see what come of it. But What should I do. DO you have any suggestion?
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