Removing moles at home with Acid....

August 24, 2009 2:37am CST
Have u ever tried removing moles at home by urself with acid? My friend has done it and i also plan to do the same with my friends' help.I was wondering if anyof u ever done this before or u know any ways to remove moles permanently at home. Thanks for sharing
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4 Sep 09
Removing moles with ACID?!?! Like....acid??!?!?!?!? lol. Real acid, not some kind of beauty product!? Using acid on your body to do anything is really dangerous! Acid can burn you down to the bone, and it's not like you can just wipe it off. How did your friend do this without ending up at the hospital. PLUS...since some moles can be cancerous...this may not be the best idea. You'd at least want to get them checked out by a doctor first, maybe get some advice for removing them from a doctor too.
@Signal20 (2281)
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24 Aug 09
I haven't tried that specifically, but I did read an article on a forum about someone that used a stronger TCA chemical peel to try to remove a mole. They said they had success with it. Not sure if it stayed gone though. I'd be careful of what strength of chemical peel you're using as well. I personally won't go higher then a 25% tca peel doing it by myself, anything higher I'd recommend having a dr. do it.