wow payment

August 24, 2009 3:38am CST
What do you think about paying for playing world of warcraft ? Is it too expensive ? You donĀ“t care about it ? Tell me what do you think, should blizzard change anything ? I think they should lower the price for at least 50% because they got 12 milion players who payed them bilions for wow and they are developing starcraft II and Diablo III. That will be even more money to them. Ok enough talk for me, now tell me your opinions.
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• United States
1 Sep 09
I agree with the other people responding so far. WoW is a relatively cheap form of entertainment, especially if you play very frequently. The only thing I wish they would do is offer a lifetime subscription option which will allow access for the remainder of the game's life. They could charge maybe 3-4 six month's subscriptions worth for this option, which would be pretty expensive, but could give people an option who don't want to have to worry about paying subscription fees for WoW and want to maintain access to the game without losing much money either.
• United States
29 Aug 09
In a way, I find that for the money we give, they should make a 15$ prepay card at walmart too, so we have a better seletion. And I do not think it is that much of a fee for what you get. A great online game experience, fast communication, and fun. What more can you ask for? I think people should keep to wow, and maybe for once they can work more on graphics than new games.
@xtedaxcvg (3190)
• Philippines
26 Aug 09
I really think that the money I've been spending on World of Warcraft is well worth it. The game is constantly changing according to the story and that's what keeps me hooked to the game. The number of subscribers say it all.
• Estonia
24 Aug 09
the amount they charge us every month is hardly anything. In return we get pretty decent selection of servers which are online and running at all times. We get constant updates and patches with no external fee. And as for the 50% discount... well, that isn't going to happen, because they have no need to - if players pay the full amount and more keep joining, wouldn't even make sense to earn less.