Referral earnings reduced in bux-wiz

The so called neo bux..but sad story - This is the one of the PTC sites which had lot of expectations among the members.Now It is loosing the trust of members
@knrsekar (1009)
August 24, 2009 7:42am CST
We all expected as this PTC site will be like neo bux when it was launched. It was fine for about two months. Still no one is facing any problem with their payment. But now they have reduced the direct referral earnings to $0.003 from $0.005 and this will be implemented in the very next ads refreshment.Also the admin has told that the standard members will be giving the opportunity to earn more very soon. But he did not mention anything about this. Will you be active even after the referral earnings are reduced? But there is not any change in our earnings or the rented referrals earnings.
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• Pitcairn
24 Aug 09
Yeah. I just learned about that news yesterday.. I am really disappointed by that news coz I only earn from my direct referrals. I don't have rented refs, and I don't want to rent refs coz I will just loose money from inactive refs. I haven't tried renting there though. And another bad news was announced by tuibux admin. Referral renting fee is increased. He said its because he lost thousands of dollars from rental bug he has discovered. I don't believe him. He is just making excuses.. I will just let my refs expire on his site, and I will rely on my direct refs..
@mervyn07 (437)
• Singapore
24 Aug 09
anyone got payout from them already?
@knrsekar (1009)
• India
24 Aug 09
I have been paid by this site twice already and now I am in the middle of the third payout level. My earnings will still go down as the referral earnings reduced.So far no one has made any complaint regarding their payment as they used to pay well and all the payments are instant.It seems the standard members will be having more earning opportunities in future and they did not inform us about that.Let us wait for few days to know about that. I hope they will continue to pay and online.I expect this as I am having few referrals and 4 or 5 of them are still active.Thanks for responding.