Great Time over the weekend

United States
August 24, 2009 2:55pm CST
Yesterday, a couple of friends with me went to a water park, to enjoy some water sports. We rent two of those canoes, and we paddle along the river for a couple of hours. It was my first experience, and it was absolutely fun, and a little of nervouse. Since I couldn't swim at all. When I step on the canoe, it was wobbling, and I just hope that my life jacket could save me if I fell into the water. Along the river trip, I get used to it, and feel much confident on racing with my friends. It was a great experience, and surely worth the time. It was beautiful weather, and we just enjoy to have some fun on the water. That is how we should enjoy our time during the weekend from the busy weekdays.
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• United States
25 Aug 09
It sounds like you had a fantastic time. I work in a restaurant so I have to work every weekend unless I request it off. So I never to get to do anything fun like canoeing. When I was younger my mother's best would take me in a canoe along a river that bordered his campground. I always had a great time. Last weekend was my weekend of fun and stress all in one! The most I have had during the last couple months was last weekend. August 16th Crue Fest 2 was in my city. So I requested the day off to go to the concert. It was no where near as fun as your conoeing expedition but it was a good time with a large group of friends! I hope you get to have another great weekend soon!
• United States
25 Aug 09
well, you can always enjoy the fun of your hometown. Connect to a couple of good friends, and get together, do something fun together. That is how things work out. Not necessary do things expensive, enjoy the nature, and loosen up yourself. That will be all.
@thea09 (18316)
• Greece
27 Aug 09
Now clorissa, you might have had a nice time this time my dear but it really was irresponsible of you to go along without being able to swim like you did. Just suppose you had drowned dear, you wouldn't have had such a nice time then would you and you would also have spoilt them nice time your friends were having. You really must learn to swim Clorissa before you drown.