Men won't read instructions

United States
August 24, 2009 6:43pm CST
Does your husband or boyfriend ever try to fix things or put things together without reading the instructions first? My husband does it all the time and it drives me crazy. He never reads the directions before trying to put anything together and is always making a huge mess.
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@daliaj (5674)
• India
25 Aug 09
No. My husband is the oppoiste. He is the one who reads instructions properly and plans things accordingly. He even go the the lowest extent and collect all extra details other than reading the instructions. I can say that he is far better in that compared to me. I don't pay much attention and alawys get into trouble and ask his help. I don't have the patience to read all insturctions. My dad is like your husband.
• United States
25 Aug 09
You are lucky to have a husband who reads instructions. He is probably really good at fixing things and putting things together (unlike mine). My husband has a lot of good qualities but repairing things at home isn't one of them.
@malamar (779)
• Canada
17 Sep 09
Men DO NOT follow directions, read directions, look at directions, or even ask for directions. They are just hard-wired that way, I think. Of course, there are probably plenty of men who willingly and readily follow directions. I just have never personally met one yet!
@BarBaraPrz (40252)
• St. Catharines, Ontario
24 Aug 09
I have a girlfriend like that... and when she gets to a point that she realizes she's in over her head, she calls on me to rescue her.
@Hatley (163905)
• Garden Grove, California
25 Aug 09
yes my husband used to do that all the time.he felt he was too smart he didnt need the he always ended up with'thre or four parts he had no indeed where they went and the project looked a tad strange. I could usually figure outwhere the last'couple of pieces belonged as I am an avid jigsaw puzzle fan.