Online Game?

United States
August 25, 2009 2:37am CST
I would absolutely LOVE an online multi player pokemon game, but I can't seem to find any good ones. Obviously, there isn't anything as popular as like... WoW or anything, but still. Any thoughts? Anyone know any good ones? I'm a huge pokemon nerd. Hahaha.
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25 Aug 09
Well, the newer DS Pokemon games can be played online against others, but I do not think that is what you are looking for online wise. I know there are some games you can download to playing the Pokemon Trading Card game online against others, but I gave up on trying to play that when I could never find a version that worked on a Mac, although there might be a Mac friendly version now.
• United States
26 Aug 09
Awesome. Yeah, I would be a huge Mac fan if all the games would work on them without having to do extra. But I'm thinking more along the lines of a combination of WoW (and other rpg games like it) and the DS and Gameboy games. I don't know why they haven't thought of it yet.. Lol.
@Althor (13)
29 Aug 09
I can see what you are getting at, but I think the DS sort of hit onto what could be done right now by Nintendo, as an MMORPG is impossible on any system other than a Nintendo system if it were for Pokemon, and it couldn't be on a PC, as that would be them teaming with Microsoft, which I don't see happening in the near future, and it wouldn't really work very well on the Wii, as that would take the portability out of the game. So for now, it seems like you're stuck to using the DS for your battles until Nintendo finds a way to make global Wi-Fi coverage a possibility.