would you believe in predestination?

August 25, 2009 5:10am CST
a while ago, we are having a debate in our religious study about predestination...in my side, i have said yes and no for the reason that God is above all things and He has His purpose for us, His people.everything in us is predestined by God.But no, because how can we reach for that destination if we do not make a way? do i have the right reason? how about you?what is your stand? do you believe in predestination or not?
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• United States
24 Sep 09
personally, i just cant bring myself to believe predestination. It just really doesn't seem like God could send someone to eternal pain and suffering. That just doesn't seem like God. It goes against everything i've been taught like God can't sin, its against his nature. and God wants the best for us, even if we have to go through bad to get to good. But if you go to Hell than nothing good will eventually come from that. Where is the good side of that. how can He choose that for us. I think it's us who chooses, because we aren't perfect and good. We can choose that, but i don't think God can.
@echomonster (2226)
• Greenwood, Mississippi
25 Aug 09
I personally don't believe in predestination. Rather, I think I have the power to make my own decisions and take my own actions which will in part determine the course of my life (just "in part" because other people and nature have a strong say as well!). I would feel like a puppet if I knew my choices and life were planned in advance by an unseen power.
• Philippines
25 Aug 09
about your topic, i don't believe in that predestination thing because everything that will happen is subject to your doing now. how about you what is your happiest moment? http://www.mylot.com/w/discussions/2112650.aspx