August 25, 2009 10:07pm CST
How do we define the word honest? Do we really know the real meaning of being honest? Do we still have to be honest if we might break someone's dignity? Or do we really have to be honest with what we feel for someone, even it goes against him/her or not? Does being honest can really help us to be more open-minded? Or Does this act can be an instrument to develop our relationship with each other? Does being honest can make things more complicated? Things become confusing when its not really understood...right?
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• Malaysia
26 Aug 09
mm... honest is about telling the truth.. No lies. no cheat.. Sometime, things happen in opposite way.. example: Do something good but people look it as a bad things.. But, being always honest will never ever: 1.Make people that u know u a liar. 2.People that with good minded will never ever mad to u even the things that u trying to tell them really hurts they feelings.. Many people always do something that they hate it when people do to them. Like telling lies..Do u like people lies to u? no? then... whatever people say bad about u when u say the truth, Just forget it. Because.. You already do something good. you know it..they also know it.. So, keep being honest..(^_^) That the best things to do..