Swine flu question... little long, but got questions from a news story..

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August 25, 2009 10:11pm CST
Alot going on about the Swine flu supposedly coming to destroy the country this winter... so I have to ask...and honestly, please just share medical realities or links to respectable and knowledgable places if you have any. I want to know who says yes it is good and why and who says no don't do it and why I just watched the local news - they predict 60 million people will DIE this year/season due to the swine flu. Not just contract, but actually DIE. Now first off, how can they predict something like that! I mean...we have never had an outbreak of this before and in the past other flus have not had that impact so how can they predict such numbers? The first thing the news story mentioned is "there is concern that the media is blowing this way out of proportion". We all know the media blows things out of proportion all the time about everything and I do believe that this is the case here ... to some extent. That is why I want to know what honest intelligent medical "people" or doctors or the CDC actually think the numbers are. They only show a doctor saying basically "get the shot or you will die". But there has got to be info on the other side of the coin.. it can't be that cut and dry... what are they NOT telling us? I have heard it directed to and only directed to children and all about in the schools having the problem... well kids in school are not the only population out there... what about all the adults that work all over and such? I have not heard a single news report where getting this shot focused on any other criteria than a child getting it. Is it not going to effect adults very much...odds are it will but if so.. why are they not telling us about that.. why focus solely on children? The second thing it said was (about getting the innoculation) that parents are concerned about their child's safeyt, so they will get the inoculation simply cause they are told to for their child's safety or maybe they will just get the injection out of fear of what might happen if they don't. I have heard that the syrum includes mercury - which has been deemed deadly in some cases and in like dental fillings, they don't use the mercury anymore and encourage people that have the mercury silver fillings to get them replaced. So some are saying the innoculation should not be taken as it contains mercury and that could cause more problems than the flu itself or in addition to the flu symptioms.. Anyone heard about this before? Third thing the news story said was the fact that this particular syrum has been developed WAY to soon and quickly with so very little history of its accuracy or effectiveness... they have no evidence that it is really going to work or if it is going to cause other problems simply cause they just don't know the total capabilities of the syrum. I have not had the flu or a cold in so long I can't remember when the last time I did have one and I have never had a flu shot...but I hear every single year that so many people that get the standard "flu shot" have the flu off and on nearly the whole winter. They get the shot again next year and again.. flu hits them constantly. I know that a flu shot is literally the flu virus that they inject into a person to help build the immunities within that person..same kind of way they do allergy shots to help allergies. Yet I have yet to meet someone that took the flu shot and didn't have the flu all winter. Now.. on the other side of the kleenex...if the masses of people believe this and they all get the swine flu shot...they are immune from getting the flu. Can they be a carrier? I dont know... do you? And if they can't carry... that means whatever they come in contact with, they won't get the flu... and they can't give it.. so it stops right there.... making it not the devistation they are proclaiming it to be. I would appreciate any good sources for learning more about this. I won't take it but I have 2 grand daughters in elementary/preschoo and my 2 kids are both police officers so they are always out and around more slim and scum then I hate to have to think about... so I am asking to collect the info for them. I want to know the goods and bads and "is it worth it" sides of the kleenex box. Thanks for your comments.
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