Isi Nickolas going into "Cassidine" mode?

@coffeebreak (17811)
United States
August 25, 2009 10:17pm CST
This thing with Nik and Rebecca... she got off to easy!!! Today's show him apologizing and all... but in the morbid, gothic musilium he calles home... and we have that flash back to a preview they showed of her sleeping and him saying he desacreated Emilys memory and she won't get away with it..... think that is going to happen now? HIs whole "forgive me" thing is just to diabolical and eery to be just as he is saying.... wonder if this has anything to do with Helena coming back!!! We can only hope....what do you think? I hope it is at least something good.. the whole town is boring right now! And for them to do the poor Kristina misses her boyfriend... you know that one is going to end soon! Thank goodness!
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