ANOTHER Brewster's Millions Remake?!

Omagh, Northern Ireland
August 25, 2009 11:02pm CST
What's with Movie Studios and remakes? (And Remakes of Remakes?!) Ok,so if a movie was a success back in the day,the story may have enough juice to go around the block again..but apparently,this will bring the movies from this story to number EIGHT,and I'm only familiar with the Richard Pryor/John Candy Version..and I knew that movie was based on an older one being updated for the 80's,I just didn't realise there were 6 previous outings as I've never seen them! And does the story need a fresher coat of paint? With Richard Pryor and John Candy both no longer with us,I'd call this movie a classic or Legacy Movie on their behalf and leave it be..but Have You seen any of the other versions? How do you feel about another remake?
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• United States
26 Aug 09
somebody made money off the movie back in the 80's, and someone wants to make money off of it again. That's all. Seems to me that all the movies are going to be updated eventually, any movie that made money in the past that is. Nothing wrong with dusting off an old film and giving it some life again. To me, when a movie gets remade the older version of the movie always gets mentioned, gets talked about again.
• Omagh, Northern Ireland
26 Aug 09
I get that the Movie business is IN business to make money,but do we need remake #8 of a story? They'd rather bankroll yet another retread of a movie than take a chance on something original?
• United States
2 Sep 09
maybe people are just sticking to what they know, or just plain running out of ideas.