Do you agree? 10 year old girl held for 6 hours in a police cell?

August 26, 2009 6:48am CST
How do you fell about this situation? Michael Blake has blasted police for holding his ten year old daughter Shannon for sit hours in a police cell. So far, so understandable. But then it transpires that Shannon ,who was arrested along with two boys aged 16 and 15,was held after slapping and pushing a man who told her off for stroking his dog. In which case,while handcuffing the girl was indeed over the top,perhaps Mr Blake would be wiser to channel some of his frustrations towards his young daughter,whose violent response indicates she may be in severe need of some parental guidance.
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• China
1 Nov 09
It would appear that there was trouble getting hold of the parents so that they could take charge of their daughter. Perhaps the father should be more concemed that his daughter is keeping company with 15 & 16 year old boys who seem to have violent tendencies.
@Hatley (164014)
• Garden Grove, California
27 Aug 09
mikeshaws maybe the police,outraged at the ages of these three,' felt she needed to know what it felt like to wear handcuffs and'be held by the police for assaulting that man. Papa shouldhave taken'her home and put her across his knee and told her why he was giving her at least five hard spanks on her bottom.a ten year old child knows better than to assault a man just because he spoke nastily to for the two boys I hope they were charged with assault.where do kids get off now days thinking that if someone is rude to them they have the right to physically attack them?