would you rather be strandred on an island alone or with someone you hate?

United States
August 26, 2009 4:14pm CST
this quetion was asked in my english class and i said, I definetly don't want to be alone on an island, I rather be with someone i hate.
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@akuler (3534)
• Malaysia
27 Aug 09
Hi fresh, I prefer to be on that island with someone I hate. At least I have someone to talk to even though he/she might be the most annoying person I ever face. I can ask for help from him/her too if I am in trouble. Hate doesn't mean he/she never help, right?
@larish (2193)
• Philippines
26 Aug 09
"No man is an island". If trapped in an island, I rather be with someone I hate than being alone. Since we are only two in the island, chances are, the hate relationship might turn out to a beautiful friendship. I am optimistic that we will help each other during our stay in the island since our human instinct is to survive. We will survive because we will help each other.
@killer04 (282)
• Australia
26 Aug 09
I suppose that I would prefer to stay by myself. I do not mind staying alone at all. If I stay with someone who I hate, I do not know what may happen. Possible, we could end hurting each other. I would prefer not taking the risk.