Should we change the wording of the Pledgeo of Allegiance?

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August 26, 2009 7:55pm CST
Obviously this is meant more for American citizens but if you are thinking of immigrating here you might be interested. Just had a long discussion about this on another forum. Should the words "under God" be removed from the Pledge of Allegiance? Before you answer read more. Some feel just the words are a violation of separation of church and state, that it is a form of forced religion. Some feel reciting the pledge should not be forced weather of not it references God as such is forced compliance, a violation of civil liberties. Read the history of the pledge here The adding of the words "under God" was to be in line with the historical start of our country and the forefathers continued reference to that beginning. Our forefathers were religious and sought freedom to worship as they please. This is why we even have the freedom of and freedom from religion. There are some who want to remove all reference to God from public view, including decades or centuries old monuments and memorials. My view: To remove all public reference of God (any God)especially historical ones is to deny the beginning of our country. We would have to revoke the right for anyone to give a religious objection in a court of law as the court system is an extension of government. Courts would not be allowed to rule in favor of any faith based case or even allow faith based defense. Such would be forced Atheism. The pledge is meant to be one way to express one's loyalty to the United States and a specific symbol of liberty. I suggest an alternate pledge for those who object to the words "under God" I give honor to this symbol of unity, liberty, and freedom and to the republic for which it stands, the United States of America where there is justice and freedom of of worship for all. It can be used for the flag or any other symbol of American freedom What do you think?
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27 Aug 09
no it shouldn't be changed. if it was changed it wouldn't have the same meaning as it did in its early years.