How to pass the nursing board exam after you failed and heard some insults?

August 27, 2009 1:52am CST
Im a nursing graduate Batch 2007, could you believe that? I take my board exam las Decmber 2007. The review was really tough, patience and perseverance kepet me going at that time. Prayer is also a plus. When the board exam came, it was really a nerve cracking experience. Thousands of aspiring nurse are wishing to pass the test that will build their confidence as a nurse. Ive waited 2 months praying that i will pass.. when February 2008 came... I failed. It was really depressing, exasperating event of my life. I was really pressure at that time and i didn't make it. At first, its' fine with me. But I never realized ater the result of the exam, many are dissapointed to me.. In my heart i'm trying to be strong but in my mind all of their prejudice opinion was sinking in. For that exam, people will degrade you and made you foolish thoughts, like you will be pass at take 10, it's that really cruel, isnt it?But I'm a person who still believe in myself. I'm a person i ignore things coming from other's filthy mouth.. But i need some opinion on how to boost up yourself again and believe yourself despite of all the prejudices. I want opinion from the people who experience it also or some people who surpassed inhibitions so that ican boost up my confidence again. Hope you will help me and other people who can relate to me in your altruistic and emphatic opinion..
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27 Aug 09
Well, how will react to this? I am not a nurse by profession but I must say that I can feel how you feel. I used to work in a hospital (admin.), and some of the nursing graduate that are working there are not a board passer. They've been a Nursing Assistant / Caregiver for the time being. I can never forget one of my co-employee, she used to be an N.A for almost 2 years and when decided to take the board, to her dismay she didn't pass. She tried hard and hard and again took another board, and she failed again...Her family blamed her, telling her that if she only listened to them and took Journalism instead of Nursing, she could've been a successful anchor now. It was like the world is against her and that she was challenged because of those things that was said to her., she got nowhere to go...On the third time,she took the exam without telling anyone from her family. She strived hard to pass the exam , pray and hoped that she'll make it... and because of her determination,finally she passed the exam and got rank #2. Now she's already in London full filling her dreams and taking good care of her patients... I think if you're determine, if you have a goal in life and that you really want something, nothing is impossible... Goodluck to you and God bless..
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28 Aug 09
That's a good story for me to motivate!! It made me realize to push through and never give up. Your friend was really strong. I like her patience and motivation. Thank you very much for that story. Have a great day.
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3 Feb 10
I also failed this November 2009 Board examination and your experience in life was almost like me and I feel that I am down because I wanted to go on but those people who helped me wanted me to work and forget everything also harsh talking is on.. I guess this message of yours was long time ago but I am very thankful at least by this thing I can stand up again and follow my dreams to become a nurse.. How I wish to share with you my thoughts.. There was a time that I almost blame God asking why? why me? making me always a failure.. I have cried enough and feel that I loss hope but for now I have the feeling that I can do it and try it again. I feel so much pain and feeling that all my life here on earth is a waste.. It is really hard because I wanted to passed but what I received is this "FAILED". hey if you already pass please let me know.. you can send me a message in my number 09174841043 or send it through my email please let me know it would be a great help to me.. GODSPEED..
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6 Feb 10
hello.. i'm also a BSN grad last june 2009 and i already took the exam twice.. and i also failed twice.. i really don't know the reason why i can't make it.. why i can't pass the nle eventhough i studied very hard, and prayed harder.. the last time i took the exam, i was really confident that i will pass it because i knew to myself that i did well in answering the questions.. so when the result was released, i was really disappointed when i didn't find my name on the list of successful examinees.. i really felt bad about it.. good thing that my family was very supportive to me.. i didn't hear any criticism from them.. i heard nothing from them but only words of encouragement.. but of course, u can't deny to yourself that u really feel stupid or anything and u can't help it but to ask urself, wat else should i do to pass?.. i did all my best and i am really determined to pass the nle, but still, i failed.. i was really depressed the following days.. and i always had my "me" time to think of anything that can answer my own questions.. u know what i realized from my experience? is that no matter how many times u failed, what's important is, u continue fighting and fighting.. fighting to reach your goal, your goal to pass the nle and to become a Registered Nurse.. all u have to do is to be strong and always keep the faith in god.. u know what, successful people are those who never quit, are those who experienced many trials and failures.. just keep moving forward.. take it as a challenge.. challenge that will help you to be a great nurse in the future.. just always believe in urself, and think that u can make it.. do ur own style in reviewing, style in which u are comfortable and enjoying.. passing the nle is not all about the brains.. it is also a LUCK.. if it's your time, you'll get it.. always remember that, "Success is sweet and sweeter if long delayed and gotten through defeats and failures" so cheer up! don't mind what other people is saying.. what's important is yourself.. they don't know what u had gotten through just to have a BSN degree, we all know that it is not easy. if u made it through the 4 years of hardships, what more to pass the nle?.. don't let them to make u feel down.. we will all gonna make it!.. not now, but soon..:)
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1 Jul 11
Same here i did not pass the licensure exam and i'm pressure with what other people would say.. it's not easy to move on but after i read some response here it inspired me again..
2 Feb 13
I read alomost all comments from top to Bottom. all of those passages that i've read really do encourage me to take the risk , I graduated last 2010 but i only have it tried once the first and last take i had it was only last December 2010 , but time has come for me to be motivated with these people that i are closely had the same story as i have , i love to hear from you guys that " SUCCESS IS SWEETER AFTER YOU ARE DEFEATED BUT STILL OUGHT TO FIGHT AND MAKE IT " An inspiring words that woke me up that failure is a natural enigma that only Us who experienced it , could only solved it on our own perseverance .I think this time i will never be afraid to lose because LOSER are only those people who failed to try .. I'm gonna make it by God's grace match up with determination & goals to reach it guys let's do it ! Let's Grab our licensed that we had shed sweat and tears during our Nursing year. Life still continues after we failed so let's look at the brighter side of life . we are still blessed to have this another chance so let us not waste it .
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13 Sep 09
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