Would you turn someone into the IRS?

United States
August 27, 2009 2:28am CST
I know this is a touchy subject, because no one likes to pay taxes -- I know that I dread tax time. I always seem to end up paying much more than it seems I should for my income. But please be honest: What would you do if you knew of someone who was flagrantly cheating the IRS out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by non-filing? And even worse, that the money came from marketing and selling a product that never existed over the Internet and defrauding thousands of other people, too? This person is very clever and found a way to get around taxable income by creating a shell corporation, which only exists to take in money which is used for personal expenses and month-long trips to Europe. We're not talking about a middle-class income. It's a lot of money. I think about some of my friends who are really strapped, and some of my family members who are elderly and still having to pay taxes on their meager incomes to the point where they only make do with the basics. Then I compare this to someone who worked just hard enough to cook up a scheme to make a lot of money and hasn't worked since. If you were in the position to hand the IRS valuable information, would you do it? Or would you not want to get dragged into a situation where you could end up testifying in court?
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@lelin1123 (15636)
• Puerto Rico
27 Aug 09
This is such and easy answer for me. I would not ever turn someone into the IRS because would you want someone to do that too you? No it goes back to the saying, "do on to others as you wish them to do too you". I live by thoses words.