How to stop worrying? (:

@boisson (256)
Hong Kong
August 27, 2009 11:00am CST
I worry. I worry about my examination results, I worry about getting bad results, I worry about not getting my results on time, I worry. I worry about my parents not being proud of me, I worry that my parents will love me too much, I worry about my father's deteriorating health, I worry... Taking deep breaths doesn't seem to work for me :( Anyone nkow of a cure?
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@careguarden (5673)
• Philippines
28 Aug 09
Wow! you're really on a tough situation. Worry is the major smasher of happiness. So listen to me " If a problem can be solved no need to worry about it.If a problem can't be solved what is the use of worrying" That's a quotes I was taken from one of the article that I often read. It could help you to somehow realized things that's happening to you. If you keep on worrying you'll missed your life. If you keep worrying you'll end up to depression and that's real bad. You need to look for someone whom you can talk to, and share your worries. That will somehow lessen your worries. Or maybe you need to look for help on spiritual intervention. This often works for me. You can talked to your pastor or priest. They can help you to calm your mind and rest everything to God. I pray you'll be okay. Enjoy your day!
@boisson (256)
• Hong Kong
28 Aug 09
I've been trying to only worry one day at the time, or just immerse myself in work so that I don't get time to worry (: Ah well, the best I can do is to go and see if there are any books on this and see if they'll help :3 Talking to my pastor is a great idea (: I can't believe I didn't think of that. I mean, what else is a pastor for if people don't go and ask him abou their problems? (: Thanks for posting! (:
• United States
27 Aug 09
Hi, You sound like you might be suffering an anxiety disorder, but I'm not a doctor. Just my opinion. I think, in your case, I would ask your doctor about this and see if there is anything the physician can do to help you here..perhaps refer you to a therapist that might help. I used to have an anxiety disorder that would sometimes give me panic attacks when I was very young and I was referred to a therapist who helped me a great deal. She also gave me a book that helped me a lot. It was by Albert Ellis and titled Rational Living (this was an extremely long time ago so I'm not even sure if this book is still in print). Anyway, the exercises in the book went like this... First you write down what the author called irrational thoughts. For instance, with your examination results the irrational thought would be..."I'm worried I'm going to get bad results on my examinations. That will be so horrible. It will be just too terrible to think about! I won't be able to stand the shame if I get bad results on my examinations!" And so on. Then, right beside that, you write down what the author calls rational thoughts about the same subject. For instance, "I may get bad results on my examinations, but why should I? I have studied hard for my examinations. I know the material. Yes, I might get nervous and panic and mess up one examination, but I probably won't. I usually get good results, I study hard. Why wouldn't I get good results with my examinations? And if I don't get good results on one of them, that doesn't mean I'll get bad results on all of them." And so on. Does that make any sense? First, you write down the irrational thought that is making you worry, then right beside that you write down the rational thought that will hopefully make you feel better. It's important to write them down, side by side, at the same time. And to do it whenever you feel worried about something. That basically "retrains your mind" so you don't end up worrying so much. At least that helped me, but I also think people need professional help, along with this, to conquer such worry. Anyway, this book and talking to the therapist did help me all those years ago, when I was much younger, when all I ever seemed to do was worry, worry, worry. Good luck to you. I hope you can find some solution. I know firsthand how hard it is to simply feel anxious and worried most of the time.
• Indonesia
27 Aug 09
Well some people said that, never run away from your problem, face it! But what i would say to you is.. Just run away! For a while of course, you need something to distract you from the heat of your problem.. Go somewhere far, use your time there to think and get relax There is no and NOt even one problem in this world that will be solved by worrying it. Just move out for a while, find some state clarity then go back and face your problem Back off for a step not to declare the defeat, but to make a step for leap ahead:)