If you could watch one tv show what would it be?

United States
August 27, 2009 5:40pm CST
My tv show would be spongebob, i cannver get tired of it.
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7 Mar 10
spongebob is sooooo fun!!!!!!!!!!i love watching this!!i watch this everyday!!!!
28 Oct 09
Lol i love spongebob square pants it is so funny i love it so much. Every morning i wake up and turn it on it is so funny the only thing that makes it so good and funny is spongebob him self because if emagine him he is square and he is a sponge Lol he is so funny i think he is the best programe ever but then again i think scooby do is good aswell and also the simpsons. Lol the simpsons it good sometimes it can be funny sometimes it can be serios but it is still good in everyway. Scooby doo is cute and it is funny how him and shaggy eat. I have all the tapes of scooby doo on my shelf and hopfully i will never get rid of them. i used to watch one of them everyday but i don't anymore because i have watched them that many times they get boring after a while! Mouse hunt is a good programe aswell. and so is disney pixar cars. oh yea and don't forget garfield he is a legend. i love garfield i have got all his dvd's aswell! oh well that is all i have got Regards Joe Ryan
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• India
9 Sep 09
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• United States
27 Aug 09
I would watch House, I love that show, I never get tired of it at all! Plus Hugh laurie is adorably hilarious in that show.