A-Kids in our School

August 27, 2009 8:13pm CST
I am board chairman of our church-school and I often visit the classrooms to observe. Though we are not a school for the autistic we accept some of them. We mingle them with other kids. And you know what? They do just fine--sometimes even better than others. They have astounding skills in arts and have strong memories, especially paying close attention to details. Well at first, we struggled with how to deal with autistic kids. It was something new to us. But gradually, we came to understand their needs. Sometimes they need to be left alone. Sometimes they need attention and appreciation. Sometimes they need to be treated like other kids. Sometimes they need special treatment. So you see, in a big sense, they're like you and I. The only difference is (and this is an advantage to them) autistic kids have the ability to retreat to their own world and be at peace there, especially when under stress. Lots of people can't do this and suffer the pressures of a hectic world, unable to escape. I see daily the cruelty of work or school stress with most people, and they don't know how to drop everything awhile and have a quiet, relaxing retreat. The result is ailments, if not a nervous breakdown. This is probably why I note that most A-kids are strong and healthy. I learned in life that it's important to have a mental and emotional retreat several times a day to keep sane. That's why I sometimes think we're the ones who need special schooling.
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9 Sep 09
Amen to that. LOL I am the mother of an autistic child. He is classic autistic and is almost the worst case scenario. He doesn't talk yet. We have hope that he will. He's absolutely adorable. Autistic children are regular children at a different age level and special wants. Autistic kids are truly special gifts to those around them.