What would be a surprizingly romantic evening to you?

United States
August 27, 2009 9:17pm CST
I think people forgot how to be romantic. Looking for some Ideas!
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@partha79 (74)
• India
31 Aug 09
hi tamron, i am unable to give you the proper answer. because i am still wait for the amazing moment. lol..........
@dianmelydia (2269)
• Indonesia
28 Aug 09
I think modern people are very busy with their jobs. That's why most of them forgot how to be romatic with their couple. This is no actually a hard thing to re-learn how to be romantic again. Perhaps we can try from simple thing. By kissing our beloved one on the afternoon when we arrive at home, or by saying sweet words to our beloved one. Romantic is not about what you give to your beloved one, but, in my own opinion, romantic is about sweet remembrance and sweet things as our habit for our beloved one. I believe everyone can be a romantic person, eventhough everyone have different way to expressing their romantic feelings. Some people like to give their beloved one flowers bouquet. This is the most universal way to expressing romantic feeling. Flower has thousand means which can representing our feelings to someone. I think every girl should love it. Good luck and have a nice day. Happy mylotting.
• Brazil
28 Aug 09
i love it, be free, try to get really the love, ok firstly, all the time, say ' i love you ', the moments, whatever is, say 'i love you' get a kiss aswell. well, i mean it, a loved hug, let heart says for himself*-* all the time to laugh, to smile, both, touch feeling out the love. well, I mean a free way to be that, it would be easy, and thats make something different in different times. when that's not normal, make the difference, when everyone are looking to you, get a wonderful kiss him (or her)! ? BEHAPPY!