Being a surrogate mother. What's your view on this?

@kevchua (1004)
August 27, 2009 11:23pm CST
Note:This topic of discussion may be sensitive to some cultures, thus please respect each others' responses. I was listening to a conversation with my relative yesterday when they said that someone wanted a child so bad that they're willing to get a woman to be the surrogate mother. To me, it was a shocking piece of news as this is not heard of in the Asian culture, though I know a few wouldn't mind paying thousands to have a friend, stranger or family member get pregnant and give birth to their child. What's your opinion of surrogacy? Would you want to be a surrogate mother? Discuss your thoughts here.
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@marguicha (129302)
• Chile
28 Aug 09
I donĀ“t think that in the latin american culture to wich I belong this could be a choice. If a couple cannot have a baby, they adopt. I myslf am against it, having so many childrenin need of a home and parents.