are you happy with your current job

August 28, 2009 12:54am CST
i am not happy with my current job but i have to continue working.i live in a third world country and jobs are very limited.there are a lot of graduates who doesn't have work.there are a lot of unemployed as well as underemployed people here.the competition in getting a job is too even if i am not happy with it,i have to stick to it before i could find another one.not like int he u.s that they could just have 2 or more jobs and they could immediately leave the job if they don't like it.well what's keeping me with my current job is just the pay,nothing else...
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@wahyueQ (223)
• Indonesia
28 Aug 09
Hi checading, congratulation for your job, Now I still at a high school and I hope after I graduated from high school I can get my job while I continue learning in a college, So I can defraying myself to help my parent. I think I have to do that because I want to learn how to face the real life. I will try to be confidence with my job, I will try o face my job and try to responsible with it.
@dianmelydia (2271)
• Indonesia
28 Aug 09
I'm very happy with my current job. That is because i can use all of my majority which i learnt on university and apply it to my real job. This is very amazing for me. I know that there's alot of my friends out there working but have no chance to applying their skills because they work unmatch their majority. I'm civil engineering graduated and currently i'm working on an oil and gas company. My department is construction so it is very match with my skills. This is hard to explain why there's alot of people working like that but the fact is it's hard to find an appropriate job with our skills and majority nowadays. Big company usually only want to hire experienced and professional workers as their specialize for certain skills. But i think, skills and certificate is not enough for finding the best job nowadays. We also must have connection with many people so we can find the best job from other refferals. Usually if we know some executive in a big company, it will be easier for us to finding a best job. So it depends on our socialization skills too. Good luck and have a nice day. Happy mylotting.
• United States
28 Aug 09
Right now, I am pleased to have a Job, I used to manage a Small store, Now I work at the Fuel Desk of a Truck Stop, completely different world, one i m not accustomed to, however, its not a bad job, just frustration when, I am used to being in power. With unemployment today, I would take what I have until after the economy recovers