Oranges good source of vitC!

@dhawanbm (3705)
August 28, 2009 3:30am CST
Do you eat oranges , they are seasonal and one can find during winters, they are good source of vit c and lots of other vitamins and nutrients!
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@yogambal_64 (1016)
• India
30 Aug 09
Yes I eat oranges, besides they also give you a good complexion and a shiny skin if consumed often.
@coolcat123 (4391)
• India
28 Aug 09
thats true, oranges are good sources of vitamin C in option with amla which keeps our gums in good condition and prevent blood from the gums. small things have so much importance in them but we should have the knowledge of these vitamins and their uses. like eye problems can be checked by milk while to have healthy bones and teeth we should have calcum in addequate amount.
@san_683 (88)
• India
28 Aug 09
Yes i eat oranges once a week and its cheap and very good for health fruit.... i also eat banana, apple and a pomegranate, oranges here come in lots of different varieties throughout the season....
@russso (1699)
• Philippines
28 Aug 09
I like to eat orange.Ü It's one of the few fruits that I eat. I know that it is rich in Vitamin C and this is really important for our body tissues plus it's an antioxidant that fights harmful free radicals in our bodies. I'm not sure we have actual orange trees here in my country but there seems to be an endless supply of oranges in supermarkets so it's not really a problem getting one if I am craving for it.
@23uday (2998)
• India
28 Aug 09
Hi friend, Oranges are good for health. orange is a good source of vitamin c orange is a citrus fruit and good for body orange contains a vitamin c The more we eat a orange the more we will be a good health. have a great day.
@chaitra001 (3278)
• Bangalore, India
28 Aug 09
Hi yes I just simply love them a lot.. I never miss to eat oranges in the season.. And also lemon contains almost similar vitamins in orange so whenever I dont get oranges I usually have more lemon at that time to balance the vitamin intake and to keep myself fit and healthy..
@Ritz100 (1119)
• Spain
28 Aug 09
Where I live I can see orange trees all around me, in fact for a little while I was picking oranges to make some money (not much I have to say) but I could, and can, eat as many oranges as I like, and all for free. I hope Im not tempting the devil here, but since I started eating oranges every day, I have not suffered from a cold, the vitC probably is working. However, when I am picking oranges for money, I do get a bit sick of the sight, smell and taste of oranges, so I need to find something else that contains vitC and eat that instead