hubby got a promotion

United States
August 28, 2009 2:28pm CST
So my husband is a manager at little caesars. He just got a promotion to runa store who does terrible numbers he got a $300 a check pay raise! Comes just in time cause we just found out I'm pregnant again! Lots of excitement going on these days. We really need the extra money too.
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@peavey (16960)
• United States
1 Sep 09
Oh, that's awesome, on both counts! My daughter used to manage a local pizza place, so I know what a job that can be. Your husband must be very good at it!
@mansha (6301)
• India
31 Aug 09
Its great and congratulations. A promotion and raise in times like these means a lot and I hope your lucky wheel keeps turning upwards forever. What are your plans now, did you get a checkup done? What are you going to call yourbaby? Sorry, I just got carried away, may be its too soon to ask that question but anyway, Congrats once again and take extra care of yourself. When is the baby due, with mine grown up, I feel so excited for other moms.. it was hectic but fun to raise the little ones.
@UK_Shree (3604)
28 Aug 09
Congratulations on his pay rise and on your pregnancy! It sure does sound like a very exciting time for the both of you! I assume that you already have a child? Do they know they will soon have a little brother or sister to play with? Wishing you all the best! xx
@gossipzz (500)
• Canada
28 Aug 09
Well let me be the first to say congratulation. We are in a state of emergency these days. It is hard for some of us to find work. I think he should try to hold on to his job. It is going to be needed now that you will be expecting you baby. Hope is is a healthy pregnancy. Good luck and happy lotting.