creativity, blessing of god!!

August 28, 2009 5:00pm CST
God has gifted my creativity. it is advantageous for me sometime to create many things at home.Due to my creativity i have to spend less on many material. It also gives me honour in myself that i have created it.I had made house out of box of Air conditioner for my daughter to play. she liked it very much; that was so big so he could able to enter into that house and play.Have you used creativity to create new and important thing. have a good day!!
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@cripfemme (7713)
• United States
24 May 10
I agree with you. I think creativity is a blessing. The thing we don't realize anymore is that anyone can be creative. It doesn't matter if you're Picasso, Balanchine, or Dickens. The trick, as my instructor used to tell me is, take your ego out of the product and put it back in the process. Not everything is going to turn out exactly as you plan, but that's okay.
• India
6 Jul 10
I am hundred percent agree with you and your instructor. If you have some uniq then to make it incredible you have to put your ego aside.It can convert your creativity into destruction. So keep your ego out and work hard to shape your ability.I think you would be agree with me. But it is more plesurable that person participate in your discussion. What ever his/her view doesnt matter only matter is participation and correct usage of word.
@cher913 (25865)
• Canada
31 Oct 09
i, too am fortunate to be blessed by creativity in making many christmas presents for friends and family members plus making things to sell (i have also sold writings that i have done too). for me, it is good that i am creative because we dont have a lot of money to spend on gifts because of our finances, so i make them.
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• India
6 Nov 09
very happy to listen from you. You are just like me, i am also gifted as per my discussion. When our makings get praise then it is too much joyful. am i right? I like to watch it daily esp my good makings.To be creative you should be in good mood is very necessary. For a long time i have not created anything new,i have sorrow for that.This happened due to busy schedule.When i help to make my child's school making then my desire got satisfy. Have a nice time.