August 28, 2006 7:28pm CST
I would like to know what others think about wheeling systems or any other lottery subject
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@noorasie (686)
• Pakistan
18 Sep 06
Lottery..... you are paid the money of others... and others... they... are ruined... and then ... this money ... easy come easy go.... My religion clearly prohibit the lottery.... the money earned without any hardwork... is not the pure (Halal)... Why not you go for hardwork.... millions of ppl are earning money through work and work.... such things will make you.... a lazy.... a dreamy person... and in the end you will loose every thing... if the lottery is the solution of getting money.... ..... then .... why ppl are doing jobs and running business..... my dear be realistic.... leave such rubbish things.
@drilyas (843)
• Pakistan
17 Sep 06
i think its rubbish,why waste your money on these kind of things.
• Italy
17 Sep 06
Personally, I think myLot is more worth your time, honestly. :)
@moneymind (10518)
• Philippines
17 Sep 06
I've read some thing about lottery wheeling and it says that its not promising what the article says is that it is better to have more lines as much as you can afford per game, in that case you will be having more odds of winning the lottery. greetings. : )