How many believe in making money online?

August 28, 2009 8:12pm CST
As I am a professional blogger, I learned many ways regarding making money online. But whenever i discuss with my friends regarding making money online, mostly they don't agree my words. So what you people really feel about making money online. Do you believe in making money online
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@chookie1971 (2271)
• Australia
29 Aug 09
I believe in making money online but not to live off. I am only making money online to get pocket money to spend on my self. Being a mother, I am always the last person to get spoilt. Every day earnings goes to house hold bills and kids. Online earning has provided me to buy things for myself every so oftem. I have invested a bit of money back into sites. Most of them have not come through. The last 2 investments have been good for me. The rest of the money, I have bought some clothes, helped a friend out who didn't have paypal, and bought something for my cell phone. If I didn't do online earnings, I would not have been able to buy things and helped a friend out.
• India
29 Aug 09
What i can say is I am making enough money for internet for living. There are lots of genuine ways to make money from internet. I found this is the great way of making money.
@lifeplayer (1007)
• Malaysia
29 Aug 09
Well, people who not work with internet dont actually believe in online money making. However, i think all the blogmaster and webmaster believe on online money making. This is because they are all earn through online. Blogger already become a job, it is no different to work as blogger or real life job. So, dont too care what other say but do your best and earn the money
@Jul14nch0 (1414)
• Argentina
29 Aug 09
Most of the people in MyLot are here becouse they do believe in money making online. It is impossible not tobelieve in them since there are too many sussecful people out there that make enough money online.