Cute animal--kangaroo

@kevinll (967)
August 28, 2009 9:20pm CST
When I first watch kangaroo on TV i like it immediately. It is said that there are about 20 million kangaroos in Australia. The figure may not be accurate, but is can be said with certainly that there are more kangaroos than people in Australia. They can jump as high as two meters. When you drive a car through the country at dusk it is easy to come across them. At present, wild kangaroos can be found only in Australia. It is one of the unique animals in the world too. I like to watch the animal film, about penguin, dogs in South Pole etc. Maybe one day a famous director wanna produce a film about kangaroo. Really fun? Do you like them?
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@weasel81 (2501)
• Australia
6 Sep 09
i agree with writer, they are cute when they are small, that's like all animals thou. but they do heaps of damage to cars when they are older. so i don't like them to much, cause it's cost me a fair bit over the last few yrs in insurance claims. regardless of whether you go slow or not where they, they pop out and you can't do anything about it and it doesn't matter what kind of vechicle you drive. try the movie 8 below with paul walker for something on the dogs at the south pole, i love the movie even thou it's sad.
@writer44 (58)
• United States
29 Aug 09
Hello kevinll, I am glad you like kangaroos, they really are adorable creatures. I have handraised young kangaroos so small that they had not even grown any hair yet. We would place pillow slip covers on the backs of our kitchen chairs, and when we had fed the joeys with their bottles, they would dive headfirst into the sacks as though they were climbing into pouches. Once in, they roll over and pop their heads out to see what is happening. Taking care of orphaned roos is fun and educational. However, once a roo reaches about 3ft in height, they tend to become boisterous and can become aggressive without warning. What appears to be an affectionate cuddle around a child's belly, can often be a sign of intimidation, and children should not be left alone with them once the kangaroos have reached this stage. Kangaroos can be extremely dangerous, and when they attack or defend themselves, they lean back on their strong tails and strike their victim with their feet. They have very tough claws and can kill by slashing in one blow. Kangaroos are also very good swimmers, and have been known to hold other animals underwater and drown them. I hope you found this information interesting. Sincerely....