Renting Referrals in NEOBUX is it WORTHY?

August 28, 2009 10:41pm CST
I am planning to invest in Neobux to rent referrals like 100 refs. since its hard for me to look for referrals on my own. i already done the 100 clicks and infact its more that a hundred already tho i haven't got a payout yet, not reach their minimum payout so far. but i found it very slow earning money if your just clicking on your own without refs. now my questions are: 1. ) does really Neobux pay you? and transferred the requested payout instantly in your Paypal. or let say just for a few hours? 2. ) renting 100 refs is it worthy? that's for $25, will i be able to earn and get back my $25 within a month with revenue? 3. ) if someone tried already to rent 100 refs. please let me know how much u earn within a month? Thank You in Advance, it would would be a great help if you will share some info so i will know if ill invest with them it would not be wasted or scammed.
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