United States
August 28, 2009 11:59pm CST
Is anyone out there homesick? Would anyone like to share their experience, or encourage someone else who may be where you once were? I am English, but five years ago I married my American man and moved to Massachusetts, USA. I have a great life and a great husband, but the strength of homesickness was a shock to me. Of course I expected it to a certain extent, but it floored me in a way I couldn't have imagined, and lasted longer. The things you miss, moving countries, are not so much the things you would expect. Yes, you miss friends, family, places, foods....but the biggest thing is harder to explain. Its the shared culture and experience of growing up in your home country that goes unspoken because its just there - and you don't realize it is so much a part of you until it is gone. For the first year or so, I tried not to be homesick and felt guilty - I didn't want to make my husband feel bad, and I figured I chose this, so I should get on with it. Probably the biggest thing I've learned it that its ok. I will probably always be a little homesick - England will probably always be 'home'. I will probably always get defensive if someone says something bad about it (do not get me started on the healthcare thats ok, as long as I am still making a life here. And on really bad days, its ok to take some time out, watch some British tv, make a cup of tea, call a friend back home, and just FEEL it for a while. Then I can get up and face the world again, knowing I am lucky to have both worlds available to me. Please share your experiences, whether its moving house in your own area, moving states, moving countries or just dealing with loss in general.
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@dawnald (84276)
• Shingle Springs, California
18 May 10
I moved from Los Angeles to Sacramento 4 1/2 years ago and I'm still homesick. I like it here, but LA is still home to me, and most of my friends and family are still there.
• Philippines
10 Oct 09
hello, I've have experience being home sick once but not because of the times when i leave home for work or other things but there was a moment where i went on vacation to another house but didn't stay there long but i got hoes sick because i wasn't able to mylot for a week.
• United States
24 Sep 09
Well, my story isn't nearly as dramatic as yours. My parents lived in the same house since ... well, forever as far as I was concerned. A couple years ago, though, they just up and decided that they were moving to a different state. I was completely floored. Their house, my childhood home, was where the entire family met to talk, have family functions or just "hang out". Now, it was going to be sold. Even worse, my parents wouldn't be there anymore, and I was used to seeing them several times a week. We all thought that the house would stay in the family forever and be passed down through the generations, and then all of a sudden there was an entirely different family living there and everything was different. We no longer had a central location where we could congregate. It was very sad.
• United States
5 Sep 09
Having moved around a lot as a child and never having anything secure in my life I have never experienced homesickness. I left home when I was 14 and never missed my parents. Instead of thinking of the past I just focus on the present and the future and therefor I am never homesick.
@rajupaul (973)
• India
4 Sep 09
EnglishTeaDuck Homesickness is a very natural as because we love our family very much and care for them. We use to think that wehat will happen if we go out of city and faraway. This eagarness make us very uncomfortable thatwhy we feel home sick about our family and home.
@grace118224 (1040)
• China
4 Sep 09
I also married a man who is not living with us in one city. After marriage i chose to live with him in his city. Therefore i'm not living with my family now . I miss my father very much especially after my mother passed away two years ago. I call him every week and my sisiters will come down to visit me a few times a year. You're right here that we give up all our previous relationship , enviroment to live in a totally different city . I can well understand this kind of feeling.