What does Harry Potter do for a living?

@zebra2222 (5259)
United States
August 29, 2009 12:11am CST
After nineteen years have passed, what does Harry Potter do for a living. Does he sit around at home? Does he magically mow the lawn? How does he keep busy? What are your thoughts? Perhaps he performs magic shows for children. Maybe he just loafs around. How about an inventor of new video game systems?
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• Philippines
8 Oct 09
As the book has said, he grew up to become an Auror, so he do that as a profession but I think he do much more than that, though there was never a mention of more. He is a pop to 2 or 3 kids so that by itself is an entire series of things to do, which will last him a lifetime, I think. He is a a husband to Ginny, that also entails a lot of work (if you are married, you know what I mean).
• India
16 Sep 09
harry , i think will not be doing much for his future . a celebrity as he is in non muggle world , that fame would be enough for him to get by happily . after marrying ginny of course . or he can go on adventure trips around the world and kill dark wizards if he meets any .
@tjdas83 (178)
• Malaysia
14 Sep 09
Hehehe. That's funny. But I think I heard from a Harry Potter podcast once that J.K Rowling said that both Ron and Harry were aurors and Hermione was doing something useful like continuing her inspiration that generated from S.P.E.W in the Magical Law Enforcement Department for the Ministry of Magic. Rowling also mentioned that only Hermione went back to continue her 7th year at Hogwarts.
• India
4 Sep 09
"magic shows for children"... ha ha ..that was funny :).. During those 19 years he must have helped the senior wizards and others members in the ministry of magic to reconstruct the ministry and may be he would have started summer camps for defence against the dark arts :) would have given guest lectures on defence.. maybe he would have turned into an author and written books like "My Adventures with Voldemort" :) Firstly he would have completed his studies..yeah.. he would have become an auror after further studies and training..
@Archie0 (5175)
29 Aug 09
He must be studying as well, And there is a new movie which is released now of harry potter so i think He is still busy in his studies or there is no need for him to look out for any job he got enough work to perform for viewers.